Incorrect Contact Information 喵的失败鸟  

昨个申请了 hostzil的免费vps 做测试,结果验证时忘了统一联系信息和ssh的IP地址.今天收到邮件挂了.免费的午餐果然不好吃哎~~~
We are opening this ticket, because it has come to our attention that you have signed up for HostZilla's services using incorrect contact information during the signup process. So in order to comply with our regulations and Terms of Service (TOS), we kindly request you to update your correct POSTAL ADDRESS and/or CONTACT PHONE NUMBER in your client area.

For verification we will call to the number specified to double check if the provided information is correct.

To Update Your Contact Information:

Go to
and enter your Email Address and Password
and click on "My Details" to update your information.

Please do the needful and update this ticket with your action. FAILING TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF SERVICE.



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